Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In the Life of Mom & Dad

I have decided to write this blog for not only myself so Ican remember all the little things Beau has done but for him when he is able toread. I plan to blog about every little thing and then turn this blog into ahard back book each year. I think it is a wonderful way to capture all thepictures we have, all the little moments we have spent together and I don’thave to run to the store to print off pictures to put them in an album. I guessthis is the “new” way of doing a baby album. I believe that baby albums aresuper important. My parents did a tremendous job with mine and my brothers. Ihave about 5 albums of me growing up and to this day I still love to lookthrough them to see all the wonderful people who cared so much about me. It isfun to laugh at the clothes we all wore, the haircuts, to see the people whohave passed on, to see how much our parents loved us, our birthday parties, thegifts we got, etc. I want Beau to look back on his childhood and do the sameand feel those wonderful feelings like we have.

So I thought this post could be a little different. I wantto capture how life is for Jon and I when Beau is spending the night at thegrandparents or away from the house for a little while. When I do not have Beauwith me (Catherine) I chose to clean the house, go get groceries at Kroger, goshopping for fun things like clothes and house stuff, lay on the couch, watchTV, go to dinner with Jon, look on Facebook, give Lilly some attention, spendsome time with my friends (Melissa and Courtney- the neighbors), talk on thephone, do craft projects and enjoy the silence. When Jon has some alone timefrom Beau he likes to take naps, watch TV or mostly football, kayak, hunt, cutthe grass and sleep in. Of course we LOVE every second with Beau but it is niceto have some down time.

Our jobs: Catherine works full time at Pinnacle Solutions,Inc. where she is the Facility Security Officer working with GovernmentContracts and Jon works at Gavilon Grain where they buy and sell grain fromlocal farmers and ship it all over the world via barge, train and truck. Weboth are so lucky to have such wonderful jobs that we love! My hours are prettyset in stone and I don’t work overtime but Jon works a ton of hours. He workson average 13 hours a day and at least one day a weekend during peak grainseasons. He works so hard to provide for our family!

The cars we drive: Catherine drives a white Hyundai Santa Feand Jon drives a red Nissan Frontier. We are in the process of getting Jon anew truck in the next few months so that is exciting for him.

Our house: we live in an awesome neighborhood called TheWillows at River Landing in Madison, Alabama. It is our first house that wehave purchased and we feel super blessed to live in such a beautiful home withfabulous neighbors.

Our dog: we have a precious little feisty beagle-dotson-jackrussel mix named Lilly. Her nickname is Lilly Lu and she is so much fun but canget wild at times. She loves Beau and thinks his toes are the tastiest thingsin the world. She barks at anyone who comes to the door and will growl ifanyone gets too close to Beau. She loves to burrow herself in blankets and laysaround pretty much all the time. She loves to go on walks with Beau and I sowhen she sees me pull out the stroller she gets so excited. She is three yearsold and was our first “child.”

Your grandparents: Catherine’s parents (Cyndie and Dan) livedown in Daphne, Alabama along with Uncle Brown (Cat’s brother). That drive isabout 5 ½ hours long and we go down there any chance we get! Jon’s brotherChris and his wife Kelly also live in Daphne so when we visit we can see somany people which is great! Jon’s parents (Sandy and Hughey) live here inHuntsville. Their house is in South Huntsville which is about 25 minutes fromour house. Family is very important to us so we try to make it priority forBeau to spend as much time as he can with everyone.

Well that is our life in a nutshell. We are pretty busy withbalancing work, fun and downtime but life could not be any better and we aresuch a happy family! God Is Good!

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