Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hair Cut

MeMe and Doc took Beau to get a haircut over the holidays. His hair was getting pretty long so it was time for a cut. Doc sat in the chair while she cut and Beau did great. He sat very still and let her cut as much as she wanted. MeMe took some good pictures of the action!

Wales West

I found another fun activity to take Beau to this Christmas. I saw on Facebook that Wales West was the place to take kids and it was located in Sliverhill which is close to Fairhope. Jon was in town for the Christmas holiday so I am so glad he could join us. We picked up Uncle Brown and headed there one Sunday afternoon. It was such a cool experience! They had train rides that took you to the North Pole where you had your picture taken with Santa (Beau hated it), made a Christmas crown and then you rode the train back. They had a petting zoo and tons of lights to look at. They had a fun playground for kids and Beau loved jumping in the blow up house. We will go back next year for sure! 

Visit to Slidell

We try to get together with Aunt Becky and Uncle Billy every year around the holidays. They had not seen Beau since his 1st birthday party so it was about time for us to get together. Jon was in town for Christmas so we took a drive over to their house on Saturday. Marty’s family was there and Clay came which was so nice. We enjoyed the day together and I am so happy they got to see Beau. He changes so much so every time they see him he is a different little boy. So much fun! 

Pilot Wedding

Hunter Pilot got married and we were invited to the wedding. It was incredible! Montgomery Gentry was the band at the wedding and they played for an hour and a half. The food was spectacular and it was the most fabulous event I had ever been to. Matt brought his girlfriend Margaret who is super sweet so we had a blast. Beau stayed with Chris and Kelly which was their first time to keep him. They had a fun time with him and I am so glad they got to have alone time with him. 

Snow in Daphne

Daphne’s Christmas parade was the weekend after Fairhope’s so we decided to take Beau. It started at 11 but there were fun things for kids to do before the parade started. They piped in some snow/ice into the parking lot of the civic center so kids could throw snowballs and walk on the snow. It was so much fun. Uncle Brown came with us and we enjoyed seeing people we know. Beau was unsure about walking on the ice but he did it with care. He was not a fan of the cold ice so he did not participate in the snow ball throwing. We took him across the street to play at the park and he enjoyed that a lot. We ventured over to our friends store, the Vine, which is downtown and watched the parade from there. Beau enjoyed most of it and then was ready for his nap. The Christmas season is so much fun with kids!