Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Gender Reveal

So while baby boy was getting cleaned up by the nurse and I was getting sewn up by the doctor, Jon got to go tell all the “grandparents” in the waiting room. I was so excited for Jon’s big reveal to them because I think most people thought we were having a girl. We had bought this precious little outfit that was pink on one side and blue on the other. The outfit came with a hat and that is what Jon brought out in the waiting room.

Jon had the hat turned on the pink side when he walked out and flipped it to blue when he said “It’s a Boy!”. The entire waiting room jumped for joy. There were tears flowing and shouts made. We had a few friends come sit in the waiting room with our parents which made it really special. Everyone hugged and shook Jon’s hand. It was a really special moment!

We could only have 3 visitors in the room at once so of course the mom’s (Cyndie and Sandy) got to go back first. They came in the room with tears of joy in their eyes can could not believe how big he was! They got to hold him and they asked me all kinds of questions about how things went. After a little while they went back to the waiting room and the dad’s (Dan and Hughey) came back and my brother Matt (Uncle Brown). They got to see him and hold him and just love on him. Finally all the friends came back and Mrs. Kimmy took some wonderful pictures of everyone. She later gave me a beautiful album of all the pictures which I was so happy to get because I could not have taken any pictures. The nurse was really nice and allowed for the mom’s to come back in and so we had a room full of people for a little bit. Once a room came available on the 5th floor I was loaded up and moved upstairs. It was bitter sweet to leave that room. I for some reason became attached to that room but was happy to finally get in a bed to rest and hold my little man!




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