Monday, August 12, 2013

IT's A.......

Nurse Joy got everything set up and she was so calm. I was a crazy lady asking all kinds of questions and not knowing what was happening. I was not in any pain at all but the pressure was soooo intense. Jon was the best cheerleader a girl could as for! The nurse had him counting and he was right next to my face the entire time. I could not have done it without him! I will spare you all of the details during this time but it was for sure the most intense, scary, painful thing that I had ever experienced. In the middle I just wanted to give up but on the other hand wanted to keep going because we were so excited to know what we were having (Boy or Girl)? I was so happy that we did not find out what we were having because it really helped during the really intense time. I was really shocked how the nurse really does all the work. Mrs. Joy did not call the doctor until the baby was pretty much out of me. Once Dr. Tallent showed up the baby came out in 5 minutes. Let me tell you, we knew exactly that we had a BOY because his package was HUGE! Hahah we laughed and cried happy tears because HE was finally here! Jon had tears running down his face in excitement and I did too! I was so happy it was all over and we could now enjoy our bundle of love! What an emotional experience that day was for both of us!

Beau Wilkins Reynolds
8lbs 11oz
20 ½ “long

Nurse Joy

Doctor Tallent




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