Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Two Pink Lines

Wow the first trimester is coming to an end so I need to catch this blog up! The story begins in Baltimore Maryland…….My co-worker Clara and I attended a conference in Baltimore the week of September 10th   for 4 days. She and I had a blast. We learned a lot at the conference, found some really good places to eat, enjoyed exploring The Harbor, and loved visiting Annapolis and the Naval Academy. During that week I started feeling really tired, had some headaches and cramps but those things all happen to me each month around that time so I did not think too much about it. I arrived back in Huntsville on Friday afternoon just in time to jump in the car to drive with Jon to Daphne. I was getting inducted into my High School’s Sports Hall of Fame on Saturday which was so much fun. We enjoyed the weekend with my family and of course time goes by too fast. After work on Monday I went to the grocery store to pick up food for the week and grabbed a pregnancy test. When I got home I told Jon I was going to take a test. His eyes got big and he said “Ok, good luck. “ He was waiting for me in the kitchen when I came to tell him it was POSITIVE. We were both in total shock. We kept looking down at the double lines in total disbelief. There were so many emotions that came over us. We were excited, nervous, a little panicked and did I say shocked! We hugged and immediately Jon said “O my gosh I have to tell someone!” We did not want to tell our family yet so we decided to call our dear friends Rachel and Bubba. They are expecting their second child 5 week before us so they were the perfect people to tell. Jon went outside to call Bubba and I called Rachel and it was so much fun! Jon and I both agreed that we would tell our family in person and not over the phone. Unfortunately we were not going back down to Daphne for 3 weeks so we knew it was going to be a long wait until we could share the news with them. For the next few weeks we lived our life normally but just beamed inside with our new found secret. I had blood work drawn a few times to make sure my progesterone levels were doubling and things were right on track. We both found it very hard not to shout it out to everyone.

So on September 17th our lives were changed forever!

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