Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Telling Jon's Family

After two weeks we could not keep it from Jon’s parents anymore so we decided to tell them after church one Sunday. They live pretty close to us so we thought they were catching on that something was different with us. That Sunday after church all four of us went out to lunch at a local BBQ restaurant. We ordered our food and sat down at a table. Mr. Hughey had not yet arrived so we were waiting on him. Out of the blue Jon starts laughing, uncontrollably. He just could not keep it together. He was laughing so hard he was almost crying. His mom kept asking him what was so funny and Jon just kept saying nothing, nothing. Jon could not keep the secret inside any longer and just blurted the news out “Cat’s pregnant!” His mom sat there in total shock and unfortunately his dad had not yet arrived but little did we know, he already knew. His mom looked at me and said “Is it true?” and of course I said yes! Right after that moment his dad arrived at the table and we told him (again) that we were pregnant and he was so excited that the news was for real. See, Jon had told him a few days prior b/c he could not keep the secret very well. Actually, Jon had told tons of people by this point but I was unaware of that. He was just so excited and I could not be mad at him for that. Okay so back to the story, Jon’s parents were so excited and we told them the story of how we found out and it was really special. I think they both left the lunch still in shock. The news really does take some time to set in. At this point we were just so happy that our family in Huntsville knew so we could talk about it with someone. We still had one week until we went home to Daphne to tell my family so this still was a big secret.

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