Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First Part of Second Trimester

The word on the street is true, the second trimester is so much better than the first. I am so relieved that my energy has returned and I am feeling normal. I had another doctor’s appointment at week 12 and this one was super special because I got to hear the heart beat for the first time. The heart beat was 160 beats/min which is very strong at this point, so I was relieved. I have gained 1 pound and my blood sugar levels are perfect. I am still taking my over the counter prenatal vitamins and my labs are coming back great so there is no need for me to get a prescription which makes me happy. I am still congested but not as bad. I am not sore anymore up top and my hunger has increased a little bit. My clothes are starting to get a little uncomfortable but I am still wearing my same clothes. I have started drinking a little bit of coffee in the mornings and that really helps me to wake up. My stomach seems to tolerate caffeine just fine now which is wonderful. Jon and I try to eat as healthy as we can. We cook every night and our meals are normally pretty balanced with meat, carbs and veggies. I am in love with fruit so there is no shortage of that around. I do not crave sweets but of course I like them. I try to only eat one sweet thing a day. I am really trying to stick to a good diet! Well the Christmas holidays are coming around which means I will be eating a lot of wonderful food and I cannot wait. I am sure I will be weighing a lot more after they are over. Jon and I decorated the house for Christmas this past weekend. I really did not have the energy to get out all of the stuff and put up the tree so Jon volunteered. He said he would put it up and take it down. He did just that! He got into the holiday spirit and in no time the house looked wonderful. He really is a wonderful husband!

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