Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Telling Cat's Family

So the time had finally come to head down to Daphne for the annual Cooper-Wilkins Fishing Tournament and to tell my family. Jon and I could hardly wait to get out of town with our big news. I had my first real doctor’s appointment that Thursday afternoon before we left at 1pm so we packed the car the night before so we could leave right after. The doctor’s appointment went great. They loaded down with tons of sample vitamins to try, lots of magazines, pamphlets and articles for me to read on how to take care of myself. I was already taking the One-A-Day Prenatal vitamin so if I did not have to have a prescription vitamin then I was going to stick with that. At this point I was 8 weeks along and had not gained a pound. After the doctor we headed out of town. I wanted to tell my family in a unique way so I bought a card that said CONGRATULATIONS on the front of it and I wrote “I love my Uncle Mattie Brown! I cannot wait to meet you on May 24th 2013 and be your fishing partner in the tournament one day!” This is what I was going to give my brother when we got to the house. Well the car ride down to Daphne really was not too bad. We zipped right along and made it to my parent’s house around 9pm. Of course, all plans do not work out perfectly and this one surly did not. My dad was not home from a business dinner and my brother was ready to see us and then head home because he had to work the next day. I was so bummed that dad was not home but I had to give the card to Matt that night. We could not wait another moment. So we gave Matt he card and he immediately was so excited. My mom on the other hand did not get the card at all which is really funny. She kept asking us who was coming into town and was it a girlfriend. O at the time it was frustrating but now it is pretty funny. Finally we explained what was going on and she was in shock. I think she just sat there for a little bit with a confused look on her face and then she got excited. Like I said before, the news does take a long time to set in when you are not expecting it. Finally dad got home a few hours later and we told him the news. He was very excited for us and we were just so glad the secret was out. We enjoyed a great weekend with my family and could not have asked for a more relaxing time on the water. Jon’s brother Chris and his wife Kelly came out to our camp to spend some time with us which was really nice. Jon had already told them the news so we did not do anything big to surprise them. The weekend came to an end and our secret was out. We were excited to move on and talk freely about this baby…..but we could not just yet because I still had to tell my coworkers on Monday.

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