Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First Trimester

The week we found out I was measuring at 5 weeks so it was pretty early on. I felt really good for the most part. I began to get tired after work and my nose was running like crazy at night. Other parts of my body had grown a lot and were very sore.  I had not felt nauseous at all but I was nervous that it was coming.  Week 6 was probably my worst week of the first trimester. I felt nauseous one day after eating a bowl of chili and from that day on I did not want to see or smell chili again (I never threw up or even came close). My stomach was cramping and stretching a lot so I was just really uncomfortable. I still had a runny nose and I just felt tired all the time. I spent most of my weekends sleeping and I mean I would sleep all day and all night. During the day I would lay on the couch and watch TV and sleep. At one point Jon asked if I was ok and if I needed anything. I think it really weirded him out to see my like that because normally I am a busy person on the weekends. Normally I would be up early on Saturday mornings making breakfast, cleaning, shopping and just getting things done. On these particular weekends I would let the dishes pile up, the clothes would not get washed, the house would be a mess, I would stay in my PJs and we would order food to eat. Honestly, it was one of the strangest times of my life. I almost lost track of who I was. Monday morning would come and I would think to myself “Gosh I did absolutely nothing this weekend, that really is not good, O well. “ Between week 5 and week 9 I literally would come home from work, get into my PJ’s, lay on the couch until I had to get up to fix dinner and then I would be right back on the couch. I would go to bed every night at 8 and would of course wake up to pee at least once during the night, which was very annoying. This happened every day. My nose congestion was horrible. Some nights I would wake up around 1:30am to pee and I would blow my nose for hours. I would blow my nose so much that blood was coming out, it was so gross. Jon would chose to sleep on the couch most nights because I would keep him up with all my nose blowing. Some nights were better than others but the congestion really never let up.  I do have to say that Jon was an amazing help. He would offer to cook and clean which was a huge help to me. He really picked up the slack and I appreciated him so much. Around week 9 my energy started to come back slowly. I found myself keeping the house a little more clean and I did not sleep as much after work. We had our first ultrasound at week 9 and got to see our little peanut. It was such a cool experience and made things a lot more real for both of us, especially Jon because he is not dealing with a growing baby inside him every day. We were so proud of that little blob on the screen and the heartbeat was 180 beats/minute which was really strong!  Around week 12 I felt normal and had all my energy back. Things were looking up for me! So a brief overview of my first   trimester: very sleepy, very congested, never threw up, was nauseous one time, could not stand chili, could not tolerate any caffeine b/c it would upset my stomach, craved fruit, still wearing my same clothes, upper body parts started growing and were sore, ate normal amount of food and did not gain any weight.

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