Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Telling Cat's Coworkers

Monday morning after returning from Daphne I bounced in the office all excited because I was excited to tell all of my coworkers. None of them had a clue I was pregnant which made it so much fun. The day consisted of morning meetings, lunch with Mike (my boss) and a free afternoon. That morning I called a mandatory security meeting for all Huntsville employees at 1:30pm and created a PowerPoint briefing for them. Lunch was fantastic. I told Mike the news and he was just so excited for us. He was very supportive which made me so happy. I told him that I called a fake security meeting for all employees and I wanted Mike to run the PowerPoint. He was so excited about my plan. Like I said before, things don’t always come together as planned. The conference room was taken by some government workers and the smaller conference room projector was not working soooooo Mike suggested we all pile in his office and use his big TV. So we did! Mike put the briefing and it was great. No one had a clue. Everyone was so excited! So the secret was finally out! Thank goodness!!!

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