Monday, March 24, 2014

Carpet Burner

Beau is now more active than ever. He is crawling on all fours which has allowed him to get places very fast. He can crawl from one end of our house to the other and loves to be where we are at all times. He does not cry when you leave his side but he will sure follow you to the next room to see what you are doing. He is one curious but very careful kid! When we saw the doctor last month she took a look at his red knees and could tell he was crawling all over the place so she called him a carpet burner. I make sure and put Vitamin E oil on his knees at night just to make sure his skin does not get too dry and raw. If you have ever had a carpet burn then you know it can be painful. Luckily he has not rubbed his knees raw but they sure are red and rough. 

His other trick is pulling up on things and standing. He is not walking yet but is just about to at any day. It is so funny to see him crawl over to something and pull up to a standing position. He gets a big smile on his face and is so proud of himself. He is one strong boy!

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