Friday, May 16, 2014

1 Week Aways From 1

We are in the home stretch and I cannot believe my baby boy will be 1 years old next week. I am excited and sad all at the same time. Jon and I have enjoyed every single day with our little nugget and we cannot believe how far we ALL have come this past year. Today I was sitting at work just thinking about this time last year so I scrolled back on my calendar on my computer to see what I was up to at this time. I love looking back to see what was going on because this time last year was one of the most exciting and scary times of my life.

So today, last year, I was going to my final doctor’s appointment at 11am with Dr. Tallent. This appointment was the most exciting one because we were going to talk about our plan for the upcoming week. At this point I was 38 weeks pregnant, feeling great, growing like crazy, had gained 25 pounds, no swelling, packing my hospital bag and enjoying our last few days just the 2 of us. Jon came with me to the doctor for this appointment because he was just as excited to hear the plan. Dr. Tallent checked me out and I was 2cm dilated which was good news. He gave me the option to be induced or to wait until the baby came naturally. He guessed that the baby was around 7 pounds so it was really up to us on how we wanted this all to happen. I did not hesitate at all and said I wanted to be induced. I am such a planner and this was going to allow my family to come up to Huntsville for the birth. They had a 6 hour drive so getting them to the hospital on time was very important to me. Dr. Tallent thought the idea sounded great so we scheduled the induction for Wednesday of the following week. He wanted me to come in the office to get my “final” check on Tuesday before so he could make sure I am still continuing to dilate. When we left the doctor we called our parents and told them the plan. They were ecstatic and started planning their work weeks around being at the hospital with us on Wednesday. My mom is a teacher so she had end her school year a few days early and find a substitute to fill in for her. We had planned for her to stay with us for at least a week after we came home so mom had to pack her bags for a long time. My dad and brother took off work on Wednesday and they planned to drive up early on Wednesday morning. Jon’s parents live in Huntsville so they made plans to be at the hospital with us on Wednesday and they could not wait! Everyone was relieved that we had a “plan” and arrival date of our little unknown baby. I think not finding out what we were having really added to the excitement. Everyone except for my brother thought it was going to be a girl, Jon and I included! You can read the rest of the story in my recent posts if you are interested in what happens next.

Mixed into all this excitement is Jon’s birthday. We really did not want our baby to be born on his birthday because we wanted everyone to have their own days. We were very happy to know that he/she would be born two days later. So Jon turned 31 years old last year and he got the ultimate birthday gift just two days later, a beautiful son!

This year we are celebrating both of their birthday’s next week. Jon’s is on Tuesday and Beau’s is on Thursday. We are planning Beau’s First Birthday Party to be on Saturday, May 31st at our house with close friends and family. I have been cleaning, planning, making decorations, ordering things like crazy for this special day. I cannot wait to celebrate our precious little boy in a few days. What a wonderful blessing he is to our family and I am so proud to call him mine!

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