Friday, January 3, 2014

A Little Down Time

This year I was able to take off about a week during the Christmas holidays which was wonderful. It started on Friday, December 20th. Beau was also out of daycare for the holidays so we got to spend lots of time together. Our Friday consisted of a long To-Do list that I had put together the week before. We started our day with both sleeping in until 7, hanging out with daddy in the bed before he went to work, a little coffee (for me) and some playtime with toys for Beau.  I love mornings where I don’t have to get up and dressed at 5:30am and Beau enjoys the extra ZZZ’s too!


After some relaxing, I got both of us dressed and we headed out the door. We had to finish up all our Christmas shopping, go to the grocery, go into the office for a quick minute and stop at our favorite consignment shop. Beau was a trooper during all of this! He just looked around at all the people and loved being out with mommy! We headed back home around lunch so he could eat some lunch and take his nap. He is still taking about a 3 hour nap each day which is super nice! While he was napping I organized the house, wrapped the rest of the gifts and started dinner. I also checked the mail and found this wonderful gift from my cousin!


He will wear it tomorrow for the Reynolds Christmas at Jon’s parents’ house! That evening we had planned on all going out to dinner once Jon got off work but unfortunately he worked later than expected and Beau was in bed by the time he got home. We had to go with plan B which was a frozen pizza. We both really did not mind because we were both ready to put on some comfy clothes and enjoy our last evening at home around the Christmas tree before the crazy Christmas holidays started up!

We did just that! We put our pj’s on, turned on a football game, ate our pizza, and enjoyed the glow of the Christmas tree until we both went to bed. Tomorrow (Saturday) was Christmas with Jon’s parents and we were going over there early so we needed to rest up!

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