Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Is Here!

Spring is finally here and that makes me so happy. Jon and I have the same conversation every year about seasonal depression. We never really know we have gone though it until the days get longer, the sun starts to come out more and the air becomes warmer. Jon and I are warm weather people. We thrive on going for walks/hikes, enjoying our backyard, grilling out, wearing flip flops/shorts/t-shirts, sunshine, longer days, energy from vitamin D, a good day by the pool, kayaking, swimming, running, yoga, playing on the playground with Beau and just being able to spend time with each other outdoors. The winter always makes us stay inside, on the couch, watching TV and doing nothing. Once the time changes we feel that we can come out of hibernation and be free again. Last year and this time I was almost 9 months pregnant and ready to meet our little one. I was so excited to finally be able to wear long dresses instead of long jackets. Beau was born at the end of May so our summer was spent not sleeping much, feeding, getting used to being parents and adjusting to our new life. We did venture out to the neighborhood pool some and we did make a couple trips down south to the beach but mostly we stuck around the house. This spring and summer are going to be totally different. We cannot wait to get Beau in the pool, take him to the beach, play on playgrounds and enjoy being outside with him.

The other day I took him on a walk around our neighborhood and on our way back home we stopped by the huge sand volleyball court that is right out of our front door. The weather was in the high 70’s and the sun was bright with not a cloud in the sky. For a second I envisioned being at the beach. Beau had not experienced sand before so I took off his socks and let him explore. At first he was timid but then he got his feet moving back and forth in the sand and started loving it. He thought the sand between his toes was funny and enjoyed moving his hands around in it.  Every once in a while he would see a clump of sand that thought it looked tasty so he would try to eat it. Of course I had to stop him every time but it was too funny. He would get a little in his mouth and make a sour face. He listens to small commands like “no” really well. If you raise your voice too high and get too stern he will cry so we have to be sensitive to his feelings. He is such a joy!

We are going to have one awesome summer with Beau and I cannot wait!

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