Tuesday, June 18, 2013

8 Months

The month of March was pretty insane with all the fun activities we had going on and moving into our house. April has been a much more quiet month but things are still busy. My mom came back in town for a few more baby showers so it was great to have her back for a few days!

The first weekend in April was our shower at Jon’s dad’s church in Huntsville in the morning and my friends from work threw us a shower in the afternoon. They were both so nice!!  The church shower had fabulous food and the flowers were beautiful on the tables. The ladies really out did themselves! We got some really great gifts and with all the gift cards we got to finish out our registry. We feel like we have everything we need which is a comfortable feeling.

The work shower was super fun! It was at Jill’s house and it was very relaxing. They grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and had some wonderful side dishes. We played some really fun games and got to just hang out. The weather could not have been more perfect so we spent a lot of time outside. They showered us with diapers, onsies and bath stuff which was FABULOUS!!! We wont need to buy diapers for a VERY long time!!! We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends!!!

The showers all came to an end and we got to set up the baby room and put all of our wonderful gifts up. It was so fun to go back through everything and look at all the fabulous gifts we got from all the showers. Our Little Reynolds is going to be set when he/she makes an appearance into this world! The month we are concentrating on “us” and enjoying the down time we have before the baby comes. We are working on our relationship and enjoying our alone time and sleeping as much as possible. Everyone has told us to enjoy this “quiet” time so that is what we are doing. We still have to complete the baby room but that is coming together just fine and we are enjoying it!

Baby Update: So I am now going to the doctor every 2 weeks. Nothing has really changed this month but I am growing like crazy, about a pound a week. I have gained 21 pounds, baby’s heartbeat is still in the 160’s, my stomach has grown 5 inches from last month’s measurements which is good, I am not uncomfortable at all, I have to pee all the time (especially at night), no swelling in my hands or feet and no crazy cravings. Things are going really good!!

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