Sunday, February 26, 2012

Coming Out Of The Gloom

Spring is almost here and I could not be more excited. Every year I feel as if the cold, dark days of winter take over and I become lazy. Next week is the beginning of March and in 2 weeks the time with change so I am one happy girl. This weekend Jon and I decided it was time to get are gardens going so we made a trip to Lowe's for some organic soil and vegetable plants. After a few hours this is what our garden looks like:
In our garden we have broccoli, cauliflower, two kinds of lettuce, collards, and strawberries. We have another garden on the other side of the yard that we are saving for other veggies that we will plant in April. Jon and I love piddling in the yard!

 Last night I was looking on Pintrest and came across these cutties:

I think today I will paint some of these rocks so we can tell what we have in our garden. Huntsville's high today is going up to 60 so I think Ill enjoy the sunshine, you should too!
Enjoy your day!!

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  1. I feel ya Cat! So happy for spring time. And, I love the painted rocks! Can't wait to see how yours turn out!!