Sunday, January 22, 2012

From Generation to Generation

Great food has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up with a mom and grandmother who could cook better than anyone I knew. My mom would cook dinner for us every night and it was expected that Matt and I were seated at the table when dinner was served. Pretty much we hardly ever missed a family dinner around the table unless we were sick or out of town. Family dinner time consisted of everyone sharing about their day, good or bad, and enjoying a well balanced meal. My mom was the queen of well balanced meals. We always had a meat, 2 veggies and a carb. She also would make a homemade desert every week which would either be pies, cookies, cakes or homemade ice cream. Matt and I really had it made and took it for granted. I am really missing my mothers food these days. I am now married so I feel the responsibility of carrying on the tradition of cooking every night and I love it (Jon does too)! I really do love it! A few years back my mom wrote a cookbook and published it. She started the cookbook for just Matt and I because she got tired of us calling and asking her how to make this or that. It is a huge success! My mom has sold and given away over 500 copies. She actually has her own website where she displays some of her artwork and sells the cookbook so check it out I love it because a lot of the dishes I grew up eating are in there so I have a quick reference when I want to cook something of mom's.

My grandmother named Momma T. is the mastermind of the chefs in our family. She is where it all started. She is from Louisiana and can cook the best cajun food you have ever eaten. I use to love it when she would cook us gumbo or etouffee but the most delicious thing she would make was her homemade sour dough bread. My brother could eat an entire loaf when it was hot out the oven b/c it was that good. Momma T would also have a freezer full of ice cream to go with deserts she had cooked each week. It really was a treat to go to her house!

So back to me, I am trying to be as good of a cook as my mom and grandmother but it is a tough task. One thing I love to do is find recipes online. I love to read blogs that other people have written and I equally love Pintrest. The recipes on Pintrest are fabulous and for the most part so easy! Check out that website if you are not already addicted to it like me Jon is such a good sport when it comes to eating my cooking. I can honestly say that for the most part my dinners are very good but there have been times where the dinner was totally unedible and straight up GROSS. We usually end up ordering a pizza on those nights.

So Im going to leave you with 2 tasks:
1. Check out my mom's blog WWW.GUMBOCREATIONS.COM
2. Check out Pinterest WWW.PINTREST.COM



  1. Ahhh I had no idea your momma had a cookbook & website!! I am so checking it out because I remember some of your momma's goodies you would bring back! Yummmm
    So glad you shared this! Love ya!

  2. As one who has personally tasted the work of all three of these ladies, I would have to say culinary brilliance runs in the family!!