Monday, August 1, 2011

Kayakin Boat Ridin Flashback!

 This is my first time to blog on "Jon and Cats Adventures"!  This past weekend, Cat and I went up to the Ocoee River!  Firday night, we stayed with "O" so Famous Robert Smith!  We arrived just in time to go see the AWESOME fireworks that the Lookouts put on right after their home games.  Saturday morning came way to early since we gained an hour, but it gave us more time in the day!  When we arrived at the Ocoee, I put on the Upper Upper.  There is alot of folage in that area and makes for a very senic paddle.  The river then picks up speed through acouple class 2/3 rapids and then into the Olypmic section!  Cat was waiting on a rock when I showed up!  A few minutes later, here came Robert Smith with his rafters! They went straight thru Godzilla (BIG Rapid) and then right down the pipe into Humungus ( a BIGGER Rapid)! He made it clean!  We then ate lunch and continued down the river, meating Cat and Raven (Robert Smiths girlfriend) at Hell Hole (rapid).
   After the awesome paddling, we then went to the Ocoee Lake!  Robert Smith has a REALLY NICE  Ski boat!  He took Cat and I out along with his girlfriend, Raven!  We stayed on the water till 10:00 Saturday night!  We had really good time!We then packed up and headed to Chatty.
                                                                 Robert and Raven!
                                                          Robert going off the rope Swing!
 This is me in the boat!  I look like a Nascar Driver in a boat! I think I'll keep the hair due!
                                                                   Me and Cat!
                                                                         Pretty Sky
                                                     What a Mountainous View from the Lake!
                                                               Cat and Raven
                                                    This reminds me of a painting?
 The next morning we said our good byes to Robert Smith and we went to Chickamauga National Park.  Chickamauga is a Civil War Battlefield. On Sunday, the park had a small reinactment that took place.  Odly enough, the Union Solder that fired cannon looked just like my friend Charlie Mix!
                                         Union Soldiers shooting the Cannon! BOOM!   To my surprize it was my old friend Charlie Mix.  Charlie works at the park as a ranger of some sorts.  He took us on a detailed tour and showed us all around the Park! it was great! We learned that President Lincolns brother-in-law died at this battle! He was also fighting for the confederacy!  Pres. Lincoln then took in his Widowed sister-in-law which created contreversy in the White house! This also sent Pres. Lincoln into mourning!
                                           Me and the Union Soldier that looks like Charlie Mix?

                                                 Union soldier (Charlie Mix) and Cat!
                                                                     Beautiful View!
                                                  Me and the Real Charlie Mix!
                                                                   Me and Cat!
To the right is Lookout Mountain! We said goodbye to Charlie and soon after our tour, we headed home to Huntsville, Al to start another week at my WONDERFUL job!  Life is great with the love of my life, Cat! -Jon

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