Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to Work

The month of August has been very fun and eventful for the Reynolds household. At the beginning of the month I (Catherine) got an interview and got a job all in the same week. I am now working for the most wonderful government contracting company called Pinnacle Solutions in Huntsville. They specialize in the Black Hawk Helicopter so check out the website if you are interested . I have my Masters in Exercise Physiology and never saw myself working in the corporate government contract world until now. All I can say is I LOVE MY JOB! So the big question is, what do we do about Lilly while Jon and I work??? Well Lilly now goes to Doggy Do. We can drop her off and she can play freely with other dogs during the day. We love that we have the option of bringing her somewhere while we work and not just put her in a cage all day. She LOVES it! Jon joined a city soccer league this month and is the goalie on the team. He is really good at it and his team is number one in their division which is the top division. I am so proud to have such an athletic husband! So our life has changed dramatically. Our mornings how consist of packing lunches, alarm clocks and ironing pants but we are so happy to finally both be working. Thanks for checking in on us!

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