Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving week

This past week has been full of fun happenings. Jon and I had a short work week due to Thanksgiving which was much needed. This year Thanksgiving was with Jon's family so on wednesday night we headed to Mount Cheaha to visit with his family. We stayed at Jon's parents lakehouse with Jon's brother Chris and his fiance Kelly who drove up from Daphne which was so much fun. Mrs. Sandy and Mr. Hughey also were there so we all had a fun relaxing time together. Thanksgiving dinner was sooo yummy! I think I am still full from all the food. Check out some pictures we took over the holiday:

Chris and Nana

Granddaddy with Cat, Jon, Chris and Kelly

Our little Lilly

Mrs. Sandy and Mr. Hughey

Lilly playing at the lake with her duck
Football was another BIG happening over the holiday weekend. I was pretty disappointed in the game but my husband sure was excited! I think he still has a huge smile on his face. Earlier in the season Jon and I made a bet about the Iron Bowl. We said that whichever team wins the game that Lilly would sport that teams t-shirt. Here is the outcome:
War Eagle
Jon and I drove back to Huntsville on saturday night so we could decorate our aparment on sunday for Christams. This is one of my favorite times of the year and this is our "first" Christmas together so it was extra special. We decided this year that we would find a local Christmas Tree Farm and cut down our own tree. It was so much fun! We went to Valley Christmas Tree Plantation about 20 minutes from our home.They gave us a long measuring pole and a hand saw and sent us on our way. The farm was huge and had lots of different types of trees to choose from so we walked around. We liked the Colorodo Blue Spruce the best. Jon cut down the tree and we headed home with a 9 foot tree to decorate. Once we got it into our apartment we noticed that it almost reached the ceiling so I am happy we did not get anything taller. We had gone to Lowes earlier to purchase some lights so we had plenty to decorate our tree and porch with. Jon was set on having colored lights this year so we got LED lights for the tree. We had no idea how bright they were until we put them on the tree and plugged them in. WOW we pretty much need glasses to look at our tree and I think you can see our tree from space....hahahh you might not want to put LED lights in your home (just a tip)! Our tree is pretty BLING! The lights are so bright that there is no use in adding ornaments because you cannot see them......hahah our tree is decked out in bright lights and gold pinecones.....we are having a tacky Christmas this year. To add to our colorful apartment, Jon and one of his friends decorated our porch with lots of lights. They really went all out! Along with the Christmas decorating madness, we or I thought it would be festive to get our fireplace going. Well that turned out to be a horrible idea because about an hour into it being lit the weather outside got really windy and so the smoke decided not to go up the chimney but to blow into our apartment. Our poor little dog was sound asleep next to the fireplace when the smoke started to come in and the smoke alarm went off. Needless to say, she was really scared and for a while we could not find her. We finally found her deep in Jon's hunting clothes in our room. Well I decided to vacuum up all the needles that had fallen off the tree which was yet again another terrible idea. I clogged the vacuum so Jon spent about 20 minutes "de-needeling it" so about 9pm last night we finally settled down. It was a Christmas decorating day that I will never forget! I guess you live and learn....hahha it was a pretty funny day! Check out the pictures:

My camera had a hard time focusing with all the bling!

Happy decorating!!

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