Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lilly Is Growing Up

   Our little 8 pound pup is growing up so fast! This is her at 4 months old and she gets more and more cute everyday. Recently Jon and I have been finding little surprises around the house. Now I know what you are thinking.....poop, right?? WRONG! This is what we have been finding all over the house:
Her Teeth!
    One night Lilly was in her bed and she was doing something really funny with her mouth. At first I thought she was choking on something and all of a sudden..out pops a tooth! We were both shocked!! We did not know that she was old enough to be losing teeth. Later that week Jon and I were playing backgamon on the floor of our apartment and I looked down near my foot and there was another tooth. Tonight she lost a tooth on the bathroom floor....this is getting crazy!!
    Last friday I took Lilly to the vet to get her rabies shot and asked the vet if it was normal for her to be losing teeth like this. He told me that it was perfectly normal and that most people don't see their puppies lose their teeth because the dog stays outside. So, we have a healthy normal pup!! Chow for now!!

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  1. She's adorable!! I remember Samson losing his teeth too...we found them all over the house as well! I think I saved them somewhere :)