Thursday, September 9, 2010

65 South

After Jon got off work last thursday night we headed south for a fun Labor Day adventure on the coast and it truly was an adventure. We were about 50 miles away from my parents house in Daphne and all of a sudden the front headlights on my car blinked. Then my check engine light, seat belt light and battery light came on and we both started to worry because it was 11:45 at night! We made it safely home so the next day we took it to get checked out and found out that the alternator had gone out. Luckily my car has an awesome warranty!

 Jon and I headed to Perdido Key on friday to enjoy the beach. The beach was beautiful with small waves and crystal blue water. At frirst glance you would never know that oil was in the water but we found lots of tar "patties".....

Jon's brother's fiance Kelly and her friend met us at the beach. We all hung out and had an awesome time!

There were no waves!
Momma T's birthday was going to be saturday morning but she fell and broke her ankle so we spent the morning visiting with her in the hospital. She was in great spirits but cannot put weight on her ankle for 6 WEEKS which will be challanging. It was so nice to spend some time with her! That afternoon my family headed up to our camp in the delta for a few days. We watched football, went fishing, frogging, spent sunday afternoon at Gravine Island and hung out with the friends. Overall it was a wonderful holiday weekend and we cannot wait to go back to visit!

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  1. OOPS, nix the comment I put on your Facebook wall today; I just saw this post! Glad you had a good holiday weekend and prayers for speedy recovery of Momma T's ankle! :)