Friday, August 27, 2010

Our New Place

On March 20, 2010 Jon and I got married. After the wonderful honeymoon in Mexico we made our way back to our apartment in Birmingham.Two short months later, Jon got a job in Huntsville so we packed up our things and moved! We now live in a two bedroom apartment up on Monte Sano and LOVE IT!Jon's parents also live in Huntsville so it is really nice to have family close by. Jon loves his job working in subcontracting and I am waiting to start my internship at Huntsville Hospital in the Cardiac Rehab unit. Our life is full of adventure and has sure changed a lot in the past four months.
Reception at Five Rivers
Speaking of adventure, we have really taken advantage of the awesome trails at Monte Sano State Park. There is a trail called the "Family" trail which I love that is 2.9 miles. It is the prefect speed for me and can be as challenging as you make it. Jon just bought a new "Specialized" mountain bike and loves to take it on the more technical trails. We are really getting into a more healthy lifestyle with running, biking and trying to eat right. It has changed our lives for sure!
Jon and Charlie at Monte Sano
As far as cooking goes, I have been cooking great meals every night and making sour dough bread from scratch every 3 days! Yes, I have to feed the starter and make the bread every 3 days so I feel like it is almost a full time job. I got the starter from my grandmother who's name is Momma T. She has been making the bread every sense I was born so I now have the privilege to take on the bread. It  is so yummy! Everyone who tries it LOVES it and it has been a huge hit up here in Huntsville.
Cat with her bread
Sour Dough Bread
We have been traveling a little bit in the past couple months. Typically we head up to the Ocoee River to do some kayaking and rafting with our favorite raft guide Robert Smith. We camp out a lot around the river which is a lot of fun. Jon has been doing some awesome tricks down at Hell Hole and I have taken some great video footage of some of them. Check it out!

Next weekend for Labor Day we are headed down to Daphne to enjoy the holiday near the coast. We are planning on spending some time at the beach which will be the first time we have seen the ocean all summer. This is much needed! Also, it is Momma T's 85th birthday so we are celebrating it on saturday. We hope to get together with Jon's brother Chris and his fiance Kelly sense they live down there too. I cannot wait to go spend some time with the fam!
Momma T and I

Happy weekend!

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