Friday, July 8, 2011

Down South for the 4th

Jon and I packed our bags wednesday and headed down to the Gulf for a few days before the 4th of July crowd overtook the white sand. We set up our umbrella and enjoyed the fabulous crystal clear water. Jon enjoyed fishing out on the sand bar while I hunted for sand dollars. I actually found 13 whole sand dollars on the sand bar with my swifty crab net!! I was proud!! Thursday night we had the most delicious meal of steamed snow crab legs and shrimp. We were in heaven! That night we met some friends out at the pass to do some night fishing. We set up our spot, turned on our lantern and casted our lines. I actually was the live bait catcher and Jon was the fisherman. I was catching tons of little minnows and the Lady Fish were eating them up!! Jon had a blast reeling in those Lady Fish. Blue crabs lined the shore so you had to make sure not to step on one of those guys or they will get your toe! We fished until midnight and then headed to our hotel. Friday we checked out of the hotel and headed to Daphne, where we met my family for lunch because it was my 28th birthday (July 1). Yes, I know I am getting old. I just cannot believe how time is flying by and 30 is just creaping up on me...ugh terrible thought! That afternoon we packed up the boat and headed to our camp in the Delta. I cannot tell you how much I love that place. I could seriously live out there with no cellphone, TV, car or computer. I love how you are so far away from the city that you dont even see the lights or hear the noise. It is so wonderful! We had a fabulous time fishing, catching up with my family, eating boiled crabs (that we caught), watching the dogs run around until they had to find a cool spot in the water, see the most beautiful sunset, enjoy the hammock, go on airboat rides, swim in the river, catch up with old friends, make new friends and just enjoy nature. On sunday morning Matt, Jon and I packed our boat and we headed to Gravine Island to hang out on a large sand dune with other locals. It is always such an experience. Let me tell you, I wore my camo bikini and fit right in! It was awesome. I was sad to see Monday roll around and time to pack our bags to head home but hopefully soon we will be going up there again. Here are some pictures of our trip:
View of the beach

Jon fishing..way out there
Lilly enjoying the sand
Look at her lifejacket!
Night fishing for Lady Fish
Brown grilling some burgers

I did not catch any of these...the boys did
Jon cleaning our fish
Beautiful sunset on the bay
Gravine Island
Our fun!
Black Grasshoppers, I am terribly afraid of these creatures
What a dirty dog!

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