Thursday, April 21, 2011


So much has been going on these past few weeks! March was just insane for us.  I will start with AMG (Alabama Mountain Games or kayaking festival). This was on the weekend of March 20th which happened to be our 1 year wedding anniversary. Jon and I packed the car on thursday night and headed to Locust Fork, Alabama which is about 45 minutes from Huntsville. AMG is one of our favorite weekends of the year because we get to see old friends, Jon gets to kayak and we camp out in our little tent. The weather could not have been more perfect, sunny and hot! Jon and I took our mountain bikes and cruised around the venue most of the time, just checking out all the events going on. We were highly impressed by how many people competed and how many events were offered. There was mountain biking, disk golf, fishing, of course kayaking and live bands playing all day/night long. Lilly tagged along too and had the best time. It was a fabulous weekend!                              Happy 1 year to my love!!
The following weekend Jon and I took a ride down to Birmingham on Saturday night to attend his brother's Stock-the-Bar wedding shower at Rojo. Chris is Jon's older brother who lives in Daphne, Alabama with his fiance Kelly. They will be getting married on May 7th in Fairhope, Alabama so we will be going down for that pretty soon!

THE BIG WEEKEND!! Okay so the next weekend Jon went to his brother's bachelor party down in Perdido Key and I went to New York City with my mom. We joked as we were packing because I was busy packing sweaters and jackets (in the 50's there) while he was packing swim suits and t-shirts (in the 80's there). The guys rented a beach house which was directly in front of FloraBama and saturday went deep sea fishing so as you can imagine, they had a blast! It was my first time to visit NYC and it was just fabulous! I will have to blog about it soon becuase there is just too much to say. Also, I need to get the pictures from my mom's camera. Well we both had a fabulous time on our trips and glad to say that we both came home in one peice!

Jon and I have decided to rent a house here in the 5 Points Area in Huntsville. We are so tired of apartment living and dream about having more space. We found a precious house just about 3 miles away from where we currently live. It has 3 bedrooms, all hardwood floors, backyard with a fence and a cute front porch with a swing. We will be moving in on May 1st!! (pictures to come)

This past weekend Chris and Kelly came up to Huntsville for a wedding shower which was thrown by a group of ladies from his dad's church. They stayed with us both nights and we had a blast spending time with them. I don't think we have spent that much time together in years! Saturday night we went to this new bar in town called the Lone Goose and it was so fun. We saw some friends and had a few drinks while listening to the band. Their shower was very nice and they got some really good stuff! It was fun family time with everyone!

A few days ago our precious Lilly got very sick. She was very dehydrated and looked very bad so we took her to the Emergency Animal Clinic and she had to stay overnight becuase she had Pancreatitis. They had to give her IV fluids and antibiotics to get the inflammation down. We were very worried about our little bugger but she came around and is doing much better now. The lessons we learned was DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG ANY TABLE FOOD and MAKE SURE THEY DO NOT GET INTO THE TRASH.
My little arm with an IV!
She is home and resting!

Happy Easter!! Thanks for checking on us!!

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