Tuesday, February 22, 2011

68* and Sunny!!

This past weekend was full of outdoor activity because we finally had warm weather!! Jon and I have been waiting for the warm weather to come so we can go enjoy the State Park without needing to bundle up. Our weather was in the upper 60's all weekend so we thought it was a heat wave. Saturday Jon enjoyed mountain biking with his friends and on sunday he took Lilly and I up to Monte Sano to hike and ride bikes. This was the first time that we had brought Lilly with us and she LOVED it! Lilly and I started out by jogging up the Greenway to the top of the State Park, where Jon met us with his bike. We decided to go on the Family Trail which is about 3 miles long. I jogged while Lilly ran behind Jon on his bike. It was such a wild time! Lilly's little legs were truckin'!

Lilly running behind Jon!

Very sleepy after a long day!

Yummy sugar cookies to end a great weekend!
We hope next weekend will be just as fun! Have a happy week!!

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